Freewheel Replacement

My learning’s are as follows:

1) Just because your bike is an ’04, it does not mean that you have an ’04 motor. Mine is in fact an ’02 motor. I found this out when I looked at my original rotor, and there was no key way slot. Then verified the motor serial number. They went to a key way rotor because no matter how perfect the tapered shaft is, it can still slip and cause the rotor to seize on the crank, (mine was starting to do that and I had to buff the crank). I installed the new rotor with the key way slot onto my key way crank. I see no problem with this. I torqued it.

2) The rotor threads for the puller are indeed 20×1.5mm. It did not seem like it at first due to the fact that my threads were slightly damaged. I was leery of forcing the puller onto the rotor, but once I got past that then all was well.

3) At first glance, it appears that you might get away with just changing the freewheel gear. This is not the case. With the exception of the rotor, all of the parts shown need to be replaced. There is mucho wear on both the surfaces. Inner and outer races. This is why KTM needs to offer these parts as separate items to save the expense of having to buy the rotor!

4) Use good oil! The wear on these parts can be greatly reduced if properly lubed and clean. Easier said than done since the case is not fully “wet”.

5) But a 14mm allen socket so that you can get proper torque on the rotor bolt. It will also work on axle bolts for certain bikes.

6) Once installed, these new parts will give your bike new life! The bike starter spins up properly and therefore, the bike starts much easier. It’s a great feeling after living with the starter woes for the past several weeks.

7) This is an easy fix, so don’t be afraid to do it yourself! It helps to have an air impact driver to get the rotor off. The rest is plain Jane.

8) With the tools, parts, fluids, expect to spend just under $450.00, and an afternoon’s worth of time. If you’re spending more then your parts people aint helping you.

9) Switching to a torque limiter will not solve this type of problem. You will just be adding more parts to fail.

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This is what you need to fix the ’04