Carter Solid State

Found a carter pump that fits in the stock pump’s rubber mount – with a pressure range of 3-5.5 psi. The fitting arrangement isn’t ideal, but it works well enough, and there are no mounting configurations to mess with.

The facet was as easily available, but I wanted something that would be easily mountable in stock location without major work and that would still be easily available on the road. So far it’s about a split, but if the plumbing issues are as easy to address as I hope, this will be worth the extra $20. These things are as available as the facets are and slip right into the rubber bracket that the stock one uses. The hardest part? Getting the rubber mount off the original pump intact. And they are also fully sealed and solid state pumps.

The NAPA part number if you’re interested…

The pump:

The mounting (ignore the wire mess – I had a mishap during mounting and cut the ground):

You could fit a small filter where I have the hose spliced (I wanted to make sure it was going to work before I ran new hose). The outlet hose rubs a little , and that concerns me a bit. It could, however, be run on the other side. I was thinking about running some hard plumbing to the left side of the bike (pump outlet is on the right side) so all standard fitments could be used. It would also improve clearance between hoses and skid plate.

Cleaning up the hoses and wiring is my winter project.