950 Fuel Pumps

OEM Points

It is well known that the OEM LC8 fuel pump is a weak point in the design of an otherwise high quality piece of machinery. It uses mechanical contacts to provide “interrupt activation” of the Mitsubishi diaphragm pump. It is located in an area (under the front of the engine) that receives the worst that the environment has to offer and are subject to corrosion, pitting, and wear like all point activated electrical breakers. There are several fixes in the works by Forum members at this time. Take a look at what others have done and copy, improve, or come up with your own design to share:

40105 40171
Facet 40105 (no check valve)
Facet 40171 (check valve)
mikuni vacuum pump Mitsubishi solid state
Mikuni Vacuum Pump
Mitsubishi Solid State Conversion
Dr Bean electronic mod Carter
Dr Bean’s Electronic Mod (pdf)
Carter Solid State