Engine Overhauls

This is where we keep the articles by members detailing their engine overhaul projects. You’ll find pretty much everything from installing a new clutch booster to a full engine rebuild and most all in between.

Clutch Slave Torque Limiter
Clutch Slave Replacement
Torque Limiter Upgrade
Clutch Booster Freewheel
Clutch Booster Replacement
Freewheel Replacement
Sprage Replacement camchain treplacement
Starter Sprag Replacement
Camchain Replacement
clutch rebuild Full engine rebuild
Clutch Rebuild
Full Engine Teardown and Rebuild
Top end rebuild
Top End Rebuild
Replacing the Oil Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump
2003 950 Teardown at 90k Miles
950 Fuel Pumps
Break in
Engine Break In