Cooling System

cooling system

The articles in this section will cover all of the repairs, modifications, and upgrade techniques that members and contributors to the HOW have proven to work for them.

waterpump rebuild flush

Water Pump Rebuild

Pyndon’s in depth article detailing his waterpump rebuild on his 2004 950 Adventure. Filled with dozens of high resolution images with lots of close ups. Narrated in Pyn’s inimitable easy to understand style.

Full System Flush

Cpmodem demonstrates the ins ‘n outs of the correct way to flush the LC8 engine cooling system to insure that all of the leftover casting sand is removed so it can no longer eat up your waterpump seals.

Glycol Contamination

This article is reprinted by permission from a heavy equipment trade publication, but the general discussion is applicable to our Katooms, or any engine for that matter.