TuneECU for 990 – got tunes?
Hey gang, on another thread, a helpful inmate pointed out a freeware EFI (ECU) reprogrammer called TuneECU. It is 100% free to download, the link is below. To use this software, you will need a USB to OBD2 interface as well as a couple of connectors to build a patch cable in order to plug it in to the KTM.

I’ve downloaded the software and ordered the parts to make the adapter cable (the adapter cable goes from the USB interface to the bike). I am not a tuner, and I don’t know anything about plugging numbers into my ECU to make the bike run better, and I don’t know anything about dynos. I am also absolutely uninterested in finding more power in my 990, because it already has about 60 more HP than I have room to use, most of the time. However, it also has annoying and seemingly random hesitations that I’d like to be rid of.

That said, I’d like to be able to play around with different maps without the hassle of taking the bike to the dealer, and the associated hassle of opening my wallet for a five minute operation. I’m guessing there are some other folks who probably feel the same way. What I’d like to do is collect up some tunes for experimentation. It looks like the stock and Akro (open exhaust) map tunes are available here and there on the ‘net. Maybe others have had custom tunes built for their bikes on a dyno (using Tuneboy or some other software). I’d love to get my hands on some of those so I can compare maps. Whether that will end up doing me any good remains to be seen.

Some possibilities to try (maybe) – “R” tune on a standard bike – ’09+ tune on an older bike. Possible? Dunno yet.

Anyway, once I get this thing up and running, I will be game for some experimenting. I’ll keep you guys posted and if anyone wants to try out a different tune, you are welcome to swing by my place here in Sacramento and jack in. Not OFF.

The risk here is that the upload will be unsuccessful and turn the very expensive ECU into a brick. Somewhere I read that this can be reversed using the dealer tool, but in any case I’ll do some homework before I go flashing any bikes, including my own.

Some links.


USB OBDII interface (or check ebay)

OBDII pigtail

KTM connector