Touratech Skidplate

Installation of a Touratech Skid plate on an 07 KTM 990 Adventure.

This one was installed with the newer version of the S.W. Motech Crash guards. This plate may not be compatable with some of the other guards that are out there. What can I say after seeing all of the posts about the inadequacy of the stock skid plate I went looking for something better. I had seen in person the Advernturers workshop one and while it seemed well built liked the apperacne and overall quality of the tourotech product better.

Installation of this could not be simpler. In essence you remove the four bolts that mount the stock one and replace it with the new one. You have to transfer over the rubber grommets to the new plate but that is about it. I look forward to beating this thing up off road and seeing what happens.