Replacing Gobi Locks

So here we are with a standard gobi case, this ones off an 03 bike and the keys never matched the panniers, to make matters worse the locks are pretty beat up and I lost the keys anyway, so time to freshen them up.

Firstly open the lock to get at the underbelly, if you’ve lost the keys and the cases are locked dont worry – Trust me when I say you can get all mission impossible on them and pick these babies with a couple of paperclips

Not very clear in this photo but thats the lid of a ball point pen I’m using to push back the little metal catch that retains the lock body, it’s spring loaded and will go back with any small object (like your safecracker paperclip from earlier)

Once the tab is pushed back give the lock barrel a push with your free hand (not pictured as I am holding the camera) and then withdraw the barrel complete

This is what the barrel looks like, 4 of those tabs are the lock itself and the last one is just to hold the barrel in the hinge body

With the key inserted you can see how the lock works (my thumb is over the 3 digit key number BTW)

Now with key still in place you can re insert the new lock barrel, you just need to push that retaining tab back and you can do this by putting the barrel at an angle to the hinge body before………

lining that sucker up and sliding it all the way home

The retaining tab will spring back once the barrel is home and you are all set to go

Meanwhile my glamorous assistant wonders if I’ve been keeping any salami in my box

And turns away unimpressed by my efforts both with the lock and salami procurement