Hawke Chain Oiler

I thought I’d add some installation photos of an alternate brand, the HawkeOiler. Mine cost ~U$D160 directly from http://www.hawkeoiler.com.

Here’s the slick little pump mounted inside the storage bin underneath the seat. I used industrial strength Velcro on the back side of the pump to avoid glue or screws. NOTE: The oil residue in the bottom of the storage bin is not from a leaky pump but rather from leaving the pump laying over night before installing the downstream supply line.

Here’s the clip that holds the bottle. It’s secured to the storage bin with 2 x SS screws (provided).

Here’s a shot of the screws from the other side. If I’d had more time, I would have cut the screws down a bit. Drilling the storage bin is easy. Simply use the clip to mark where you want to drill and make sure to use a bit that’s one size smaller than the screws.

Here you can see two holes I drilled for the pump’s power wires and the oil tube which heads down to the chain. The power wires run forward on the pilot’s right side of the trellis frame down to the battery and up to the top of the triple clamp (more on that a few photos further south).

This is the oil line which runs down from the storage bin to the passenger’s left foot peg mount, secured with zip-ties. I looked and looked at devising a slicker configuration with more ‘discreet’ mounting points but this one I landed on has worked out well. Although it looks like it’d be prone to getting knocked off by the centerstand or swingarm action, it’s doing great so far. When the centerstand and sidestand are up, they don’t interfere with the oil line because it’s further aft.

Obviously if I ride through heavy brush, it could easily get yanked off. I’m not a huge fan of riding through heavy brush as you can’t see ditches, large rocks, etc. Next year in Europe, the most action I anticipate seeing is the sand of Morocco or Egypt if we can make it there. So, long story short, I’m satisfied with the mounting for now. I actuated the swingarm for slack so I don’t think my trip to Colorado would have dislodged anything (unless I smashed into a rock or kicked one up).

The oil drop is from my ratty old 95 Toyota truck that I’d love to turn over to TLC4x4 for restoration (but I’ll probably just pick up a new FJ Cruiser with some ARB hardware for wheeling …..I digress).

Might have to heat and bend the tubing to your desire. Easy work.

This is perhaps the more disappointing part of my install. Attaching the push-button to the left control would provide for easier operation but I ran out of wire and time.

Nonetheless, the system works great and I’d call myself a satisfied customer. I’m not receiving any kind of benefit for posting this, etc, etc. In fact, the owner of the company never answered an e-mail reference waterproof switches (questions I had prior to the product arriving which became irrelevant since the provided momentary contact switch is high quality) and doesn’t answer phone calls. In that regard and that alone, ‘the product’ could use some improvement. Other than that, it’s a good piece of kit for those that are interested in an automatic oiler.