Happy Trails Crashbars

I bought my 990 last July and finally got around to putting on my crashbars that I ordered months ago. Originally I wanted the Hepco Beckers that came out in 03, but you can not get those now. I came across the Happy Trails bars and really liked the design even know they were about 150 bucks more that most of the competition.

The bars are all tube and connect at the upper skidplate/engine mounts and the rears at the center stand pivot bolts. They basically form a “cage” around the stock skidplate and once bolted up they are rock solid.

They have a crossover bar under the engine that aids in the stiffening.

The forward mounting point does not interfere with the petcocks, but does protect them.

The clearance is about 1/2″ from the stock plate towards the rear. I am not sure if the touratec plate would work or not? But, with the new cage around the engine I am not sure you need it.

Rear mount:

Cross over bar:

Highway pegs out!

All in all the bars are great. The quality of the fasteners are excellent as is the powder coating. I feel alot better about having bars on now, I have ridden off road several times since I bought the bike and was worried about banging up a tank.