Another Option for Long Distances

4.5 gallons of extra fuel on my KTM 990. My way!!!


Just about done with my aux. tank install. This will allow me to carry 4.5 gallons more fuel for those long runs between fuel stops. The tank was bought from Tour Tank along with the quick connect. I removed the stock rear rack first. I made a plate to bolt to the rear of my bike, then bolted the fuel cell to it. The spacers are .875 long and made of alum. I did have to buy some longer bolts.. 8mmx80, and 8mmx90 IIRC. I used the same kind of tank on my FJR, and it was great. Heres some pic’s..

Longer bolts..

Mounting plate..

Mounting plate bolted to the rear rack mount..

The “keg” bolted in place…

The fuel valve on the left side.. It is opened only after burning off 100 miles of fuel. A 14″ hose runs down to the fuel tank cross over. There it is “T” into that fuel line… Gravity takes over and refills the main fuel tanks..

To keep the “Off road image to my “LD” mount I bought a bag at Walmart for under $10. bucks. It did a great job of hiding my fuel cell.

Hey, it is not for everyone, but it works for me. If anyone would like more info… send me a PM .

Total cost… about $250.
Able to go 350 miles between fuel stops…. Priceless!!!!