Accossato Master Cylinder

Well, so it seeeems I am the only one with a Consistantly Weeping Clutch Master and was not comfortable with Replacing with the OEM Magura.

I did some research and found these other Options:

1-Accossato Radial Clutch Master 16×16 -Ask about the Reservoir Mounting Kit -(however, Does Not offer a Rebuild Kit -yet)…5&cat=0&page=1

20 CC Reservoir Kit:…cat=324&page=1

2- Brembo 16 RCS -See Mounting Kit Options Below (Does Not Offer a Rebuild Kit -yet)…idProduct=1022

Mounting Kits:…idproduct=1120…idProduct=1121

Ordered the Accossato on Wednesday and got it by USPS by today, Saturday. Started by 12:30 PM and had the Accossato 16×16 working by 3:30 PM.

Here is the Top View of the Original:

View without the GPS Mount:

View with Clutch Master Removed: (I elected to UnSolder the Brown/Yellow Wire to the Clutch Switch (disabled it anyway at the Kickstand), since did not want to remove the whole Cable)

Here is the Side by Side View of the 2 Units with the New One on the Right:

Here’s the View with the 16×16 Mounted: (Had to slightly rotate the Grip/Lightswitch mount forward to keep the New Lever from hitting the Flash-To-Pass Switch)

Here’s the View with the Reservoir (20 CC) Attached (so far):

Look Mom ! Notice how you can see the Fluid Level now…No Surprises. I am using AmsOil Syn ATF Fluid (Red You can See It). Could not use Brake Fluid, and Accossato did not recommend Mineral Oil…. so using next best thing w/color.

Now to figure how to:
1- Mount the Choke Plate
ChokePlate Top Mount:

Choke Plate Bottom View:

2- Mounted the DoubleTakeMirror w/Handlebar Ram Mount…since this unit does not come with a Mirror Mount.…re-Mirror.html

This is a DoubleTake Mirror Install view before the GPS Mount:

This a the Finished DoubleTake Mirror Install with the GPS Mount in place:

Finished Reservoir Mount Install w/Extended Brace from short (20 CC) Reservoir Bracket to Handguard Mount.

3- Modify the Handguard since this Unit (Adj Screw) sits about a 1/4-1/2 ” beyond the Handguard facing.

Modded Handguard Outside: (Will figure out later how to make a Cover for this Opening.) Hole to allow access to Adjustment Screw / Lever Pivot.

Modded Handguard Inside Inside View:

So far, Feels Good, No Weeping, and I can see the Fluid without being caught in Traffic or Woods with No Warning.